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  1. Does it hurt?

  2. Is it permanent?

  3. How are they attached?
    (Ok, ok. For the real answer see below)


Belling Up

People seem to be interested in how we actually attach the bells to our arms, so here are the details.

A fold skin is pinched up and a 20ga. 1-1/2" hypodermic needle is inserted under the skin and out again. The piercing is shallow, about 1/16" to 1/8" and about 1/2" long. A piece of 20lb test nylon monofilament line is threaded through the needle and the needle is removed leaving the line in place. A bell is then threaded on to the line and the line tied into a loop. To remove the bell, the line is cut and pulled out of the piercing.

Here's a picture of Jane about to pierce Annye for the Pride Parade.
Note that appropriate safety procedures are practiced throughout. The line is cut into 6" lengths an sterilized by soaking in Cetylcide, a surgical sterilizing solution, it remains in a container of the solution until it is threaded through the needle. The needles are standard disposable hypodermic needles that come sealed in a sterile package. A needle in never used on more than one person. The area of skin to be pierced is swabbed with antiseptic solution before the needle is inserted. The piercers wear gloves an have been trained in sterile procedures. Used needles are placed in a sharps container, gloves, used swabs, etc. are placed in another bag and disposed of as medical waste. We've never had a problem with these temporary piercings.

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