Ha, it's now October of 2021, not just "rather" but "extremely" out of days (25-Sep-2006: This is rather out of date. Look for an update Real Soon.)

Welcome to White Rats Morris' pages. Based in San Francisco (California, U.S.A.), we are, as far as we know, the world's first queer/pervert/leather Morris team.

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Check out the links below to find out more about us:

Rat's History

Rat's People

Rat's Scrapbook

Rat's FAQ

Rat's Dances

Rat's Schedule

Other Morris

Q/P/L Pages


For press info, look here.

If you are interested in joining White Rats Morris, or have comments about this page (and the other pages to come), please mail the Squire of the White Rats, at ratsquire@tuunq.comNOSPM (remove the NOSPM). You can also get info by emailing to ratinfo@tuunq.comNOSPM (remove the NOSPM),
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